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The Full Story

A Tapestry Woven with Gratitude: The Acknowledgements of Dead Air Diary

This book wouldn't exist without a vibrant tapestry woven by countless threads. To some, my apologies - life's a whirlwind, and some moments slip through the cracks. But know this, to those I've forgotten, our paths crossed for a reason, a fleeting connection that shaped my journey.

My Anchor: Mom

A heartfelt thank you to the most incredible mom a person could ask for. You loved me fiercely through thick and thin, a constant source of strength and unwavering support. Words can't express my love for you.

Family: A Network of Love

To my dad, ancestors, the Streets and Myles families - I feel your presence, a guiding force watching over me. To my extended family, aunts, uncles, cousins (both near and far), and siblings, you're all in my heart, connected by an invisible thread, regardless of how often we connect


Lifelong Sisters: Mary & Jennifer

My deepest gratitude to Mary and Jennifer, the dearest, longest friends a girl could ask for. You understand the depths of who I am, flaws and all, and your love remains constant. You inspire me, and my love for you runs deep.

Shaping My Path: Firsts & Mentors

A special shout-out to my "Firsts" - you know who you are! Those initial, formative experiences played a crucial role in molding me.

I wouldn't be here without the incredible teachers and friends who nurtured my growth at Grace and St. Peter's, St. Paul's School for Girls, and Davis & Elkins College. A fertile ground of knowledge, especially to the Smith family for their extra guidance and love.

The Magic of Radio

To the radio family at WOMX, K92, Q105, WCTQ, WKAT, and WLRN, along with John Davitt, Jim Glagowski, and Jim Fried - you made my time at Salem Media truly worthwhile.

And to Keith Urban, who saw something special and dubbed me "The Vibe Queen" - thank you for recognizing the spark within! To all the radio and record folks who shared this journey, music truly makes everything better. You made radio a joy, and in turn, made me a better person.

Laughter & Inspiration: My TV Heroes

My deepest appreciation to Carol Burnett, Lucille Ball, Stephen Colbert, Jon Stewart, Jon Batiste, Garth Brooks, Amy Grant, India Arie, and Will Smith. Your laughter and music were lifelines during challenging times. And to the iconic shows of the 60s, 70s, and 80s, thank you for fueling my imagination and making me feel less alone.

Discovering My Potential

A debt of gratitude to Mr. Twenty Twenty, Brian Scott, and Esther Hicks. You helped me unlock the power of my own imagination, allowing me to discover who I truly am and can be.

Giving Back: The Endow America Network Foundation

Thank you to Les Winston, my colleagues, and friends at The Endow America Network Foundation for providing a platform where I can express the love for humanity and encourage kindness. Charity and the work we do together are a source of immense purpose.

Finding Inner Peace

To my meditation teachers, thank you for guiding me on the path to inner silence and self-discovery.

The Book Whisperers: Raymond Aaron

My immense gratitude to my publishers and the team at Raymond Aaron, especially Naval, my architect, and Helena Wall, my spirit cryptographer. You cracked the code that is me and helped midwife this "baby" you hold in your hands. Thank you for your gentle care throughout the process.

Unconditional Love: My Animal Companions

To every furry friend I've loved and been loved by, my heart overflows. I know we'll meet again someday.

A Special Companion: Polo

And to Polo, who my mom calls my shadow but has truly been the light in my life all these years. Thank you for your unwavering companionship.

Finally, to You, the Reader

A heartfelt thank you for picking up my first book. May you find love and peace on your journey. Take some quiet moments each day to find your own inner silence.

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