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Wanda: A Life Woven with Laughter, Music, and Kindness

Wanda's journey, chronicled in "Dead Air Diary," is a tapestry woven with vibrant threads of experience. With a career steeped in the golden age of radio and a heart overflowing with gratitude, she shares a story that transcends airwaves and resonates with life's universal themes.

Early Life & Influences:

Raised by a supportive mother (her "perfect mom"), Wanda acknowledges the forgotten faces who shaped her early years. Teachers, mentors, and those fleeting yet impactful connections all played a role in her development.

Lifelong Friendships:

Mary and Jennifer, her "deepest, dearest, longest friends," hold a special place in Wanda's life. Their unwavering love and understanding are a testament to the power of true friendship.

Finding Her Voice:

From formative "Firsts" to inspirational educators at Grace and St. Peter's, St. Paul's School for Girls, and Davis & Elkins College, Wanda's path was paved with knowledge and guidance.

Radio Magic:

The energy of radio comes alive through Wanda's experiences. Stations like WOMX, K92, and mentors like John Davitt and Jim Glagowski shaped her career and ignited a lifelong passion for music. Even Keith Urban gets a shout-out for recognizing her as "The Vibe Queen."

Laughter & Inspiration:

Wanda found solace and inspiration from the iconic figures of television. From the comedic genius of Carol Burnett and Lucille Ball to the contemporary wit of Stephen Colbert, these personalities became her companions in laughter and reflection.

Discovering Potential:

Mr. Twenty Twenty, Brian Scott, and Esther Hicks empowered Wanda to unlock her potential and discover the power of her own imagination.

Giving Back:

Wanda's commitment to kindness shines through her work at The Endow America Network Foundation. Together with Les Winston and her colleagues, she strives to create a more compassionate world.

Finding Inner Peace:

Through meditation, Wanda embarked on a journey of self-discovery, learning to connect with her inner silence.

Bringing the Story to Life:

Gratitude overflows for Wanda's publishers at Raymond Aaron, especially Naval and Helena Wall, who helped midwife "Dead Air Diary" into the world.

A Life of Love:

The love for her furry companions and the unwavering companionship of Polo, her "best friend," round out Wanda's story as a testament to the importance of love throughout life's journey.

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